Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers call and ask important questions. Since we can't be available at all times to help answer your inquiries, we've put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you with any issues or questions you may have. And of course, you can call the office at  336-454-5786, and we'll help answer any questions you may have. Please click the topic below, and a dropdown will open with the answer.

A: Leave a voice mail with a phone number on our answering machine, and our technician on call will return your call as soon as possible.

A: If you use the 1-inch media filter you buy at the grocery store or hardware store, you should change it monthly. If you are using a 1-inch pleated filter, it may last three months. Five-inch media filters are changed at least once a year. All filters need to be changed more if you have lots of traffic and pets.

A: You should have a service checkup for your air conditioner in the spring before the warm weather arrives and for your gas furnace in the fall before the cool weather arrives. Heat pumps should be checked twice a year and can be performed any month out of the year. Maintaining your system will lead to lower energy bills and a longer life for your equipment.

A: To maintain warranty agreements, keep them running efficiently, and extend their life expectancy. Example: You service your car every three months or 3,000 miles to be sure it has clean parts and plenty of oil. This prevents some mechanical problems and helps your engine last longer. The same applies to keeping your system’ssystem’s motors and coils clean and in good condition.

A: All customers are charged the same for this service. It covers the expense of a technician’stechnician’s time and gas in his van to get him to your door. Once he arrives, it covers whatever time it takes to diagnose your problem or ensure there are no subsequent problems if you have made your own diagnosis.

A: Check your breakers in your main panel box. Also, check the electrical box over the outdoor unit. Inside the box, you will find a breaker or disconnect that you can pull out. You may discover fuses as well. Even if the fuses look fine, go to any hardware store and purchase new ones. They can look fine and be bad.

A: Again, check the breakers in your main panel and the electrical box at the indoor unit.

A: Ice can be caused by a few things. In the summer, first, be sure you have a clean filter. Once you have changed your filter, turn off the system and allow it to thaw. If it ices again you will need a technician to come. Frost is expected if it’s winter and you have a heat pump. It will go through a defrost cycle that will clean off the unit. If it ices in the summer or winter and the ice stays thick, it could be low on freon or have a bad part.

A: Try both ways. Running the blower all the time will use a little extra electricity; however, the home is usually more comfortable, the temperature is more even throughout the house, and the air is cleaner because it is filtered more. The motors generally last longer because they are not starting and stopping. Some of the new furnaces have the ability to use a slow blower speed for continuous operation and a faster speed when the furnace or air conditioner is running.

A: This stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. For example, the size of an air conditioner is rated in Tons; however, the efficiency is rated in SEER. It’sIt’s like mpg (miles per gallon) in a car - the higher the mpg (or SEER), the lower the gasoline (electricity) bill.

A: If your furnace is over five years old, it should be inspected by qualified technicians every fall before the heating season begins. Any other time the furnace is not operating properly (ex. the pilot blows out) it should be checked too.

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